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Social™ Supply Chain: Go from Vision to Reality

What if your vendors, suppliers, customers, and partners could all exchange information online in real time? Find out how Demand Solutions enables a Social Supply Chain that increases collaboration and efficiency.

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Get Supply Chain Planning On Demand

The Demand Solutions platform is now available on a subscription basis. This cloud-based release delivers all the functionality you need through any browser, with no need to install software locally.

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5.11 Tactical – Tactical Sales Forecasting

As a producer of tactical gear for police, firefighters, and military personnel, California-based 5.11 Tactical continues 20% growth trend year over year with demand planning benefits from implementing Forecast Management and Requirements Planning.

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Summer Infant Uses Requirements Planning to Cope with Exponential Growth

Summer Infant, a manufacturer of baby products from Rhode Island, overhauls its supply chain management practices, reducing inventory by 20% and shortening forecasting time using Demand Solutions for better inventory planning.

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Improve Your S&OP Process: Transform Production Planning Into Integrated Decision Making

Since its inception, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has been a vital process for managing profitability and risk. Demand Solutions Sales & Operations Planning software is a flexible, customizable system that takes the process from data collection to a dynamic plan that drives production and sales.

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Paper Island Optimizes Store-Level Replenishment using POS Data

U.K. greeting card company Paper Island uses POS data and VMI (vendor managed inventory) for more than 700 retail customers. The greeting card and giftware manufacturer increased sales by 30% with Demand Solutions Retail Planning.

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Interface FLOR Refines Supply Chain Collaboration

Australian “green” carpet tile design leader Interface FLOR grows five fold and is on track for zero environmental impact by 2020 using collaborative planning from Demand Solutions.

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Certified Transmission Achieves Production Planning Efficiency with APS

Certified Transmission reduces stocking levels by 30% using Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). The application selects the transmission types needed to replenish inventory and matches jobs to the appropriate rebuilders while increasing production planning efficiency.

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We Help Companies Grow

Demand Solutions is in business to do one thing: help you produce goods more efficiently. We don’t stop at the traditional supply chain. We enable companies like yours to build online ecosystems – social environments – where you can share expertise and information with your stakeholders to keep inventory moving forward.

This social supply chain helps you to drive down costs, improve productivity and increase cash flow. As a result, you can react more quickly to changes in your market and take on new competitors from a position of strength.

If you’re running a small operation, we can help you grow larger. If you’re managing a major enterprise, we’ll give you the tools to get even stronger.

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Demand Solutions Lands Coveted SCM Logistics & Manufacturing Excellence Award 

Demand Solutions Named a 'Great Supply Chain Partner' by SupplyChainBrain

Demand Management Announces Social™ Supply Chain Planning and Social™ S&OP


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Uncommon-Sense Approach to Forecasting

The Old Farmer’s Almanac -- a new version of which is published each September -- provides a solid year’s worth of reliable, though safely vague, regional weather forecasts.

Even more admirable than the accuracy of the Almanac’s forecasts is the disclaimer with which its predictions are tempered:

“We believe nothing in the universe occurs haphazardly; there is a cause-and-effect pattern to all phenomena, including weather. It follows therefore, that ... (read more)


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Video Release

Demand Solutions new DSX Workflow Platform featured as May's 'Cool New Product of the Month' by Supply Chain Digest

Each month SCDigest can find one, it features a "Cool New Product," accompanied by a short video review. Just two rules -  it has to be new, and it has to be cool.

This Month: The new DSX Workflow Platform that supports the supply chain planning software from Demand Solutions is Supply Chain Digest's Cool New Product of the Month for May, 2013.

What makes the recent release of this new software solution cool?

As SCDigest editor Dan Gilmore describes in the video nearby, DSX takes supply chain workflow and visual process modeling to new levels, enabling companies to more quickly and flexibly create the planning environment that is just right for them.

This a very creative and unique approach, and is so flexible the application doesn't even come with any screens - you simply build exactly what you need. And that is very cool indeed.


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DS Magazine 2014

DS Magazine 2014


Included in this issue:

The nation’s sixth largest Catholic healthcare system’s supply chain management company uses Forecast Management and Requirements Planning to hit a 99.4% fill rate. A leading Canadian truck equipment supplier gained planning visibility through Forecast Management, and is nearing 90% fill rates. A Japanese steel product manufacturer boosts its real-time customer service response rate to 80%, having switched from its cumbersome in-house system to Advanced Planning & Scheduling.

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